Well I never, I'm an Intuitive Artist - now how did that happen?

I've always been interested in things like astrology and crystals as a youngster and I've always been creative - being a Gemini, I've found myself at my happiest whilst working with my hands.

My spiritual journey started around 2003 when I bought 2 angel books - this started me on a path of finding out all sorts about myself, angels and the Universe.

In May 2011 I got an Angel drawing done by Richard Keogh, the Angelman.  I feel that I made a connection with this beautiful Angel and this in turn allowed my creativity to flourish, then in June 2011 I produced my first phase of Creative Artwork.

Combining my spirituality with my creativity has resulted in me being woken up in the middle of the night with a calling to create this amazing, channelled artwork.

I work digitally and when I'm channelling I feel like I'm guided which colours to use and which shapes or designs they need to be with layer upon layer upon layer being worked on until I am absolutely satisfied with the end result, some pieces also have hand-drawn sections to them as well like the wings of Love Yourself